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How to add a Censor to your Wiki

The following is an easy way to force out bad words on Wiki Chat. First:

  1. Go to MediaWiki:Emoticons
  2. Select out a desired pic to display instead of A Cuss word.
  3. Add the pic.
  4. Add all swear words so they are censored automatically (like when you type :-) to make a smiley)
  5. And you're done!

As a result, ****=(censor pic). Keep in mind, however, that a clever cusser can still cuss by saying .****. That'll show up on the mainspace of Chat, rather than (censor pic). Also, it is NOT A permanent solution, as holding your mouse over the emoticon will show the cuss word.

Visit the Plants vs Zombies Wiki for more information, as its censor is a fully working prototype.

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