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  • Miiohau

    Gender Wiki

    January 30, 2017 by Miiohau

    Gender Wiki is a wiki about gender. We are not about transgenderism per say but we do host articles on transgender topics because they are related to gender.

    We host many gender identities but can't say we are in any way complete. We are currently trying to expand our number of articles and refine the ones we have. Know trans person that is helping community, add them in our people section. Have new idea about gender add to the Pocket Gender page. Know trans friendly media add it to our Representation of Trans* in Modern Media page

    Whether you are a transgender person or an ally come join our community and make your voice heard.

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  • Miiohau

    Trans* Wikia

    September 20, 2016 by Miiohau

    Trans* wiki needs your help. Trans* wiki was envisioned by Gndrqr as "the repository of information related to trans* topics ... this wiki is more about the things we need to know as people who live a trans* experience day to day." But never got off the ground. As a trans person I think this something are community needs a source of information that can be found with a web search, can be up to date and expensive because it is crowdsourced and non-intimidating because they can get information without needing to post a message on a message board. I have expanded greatly the number of pages but I'm non-op trans* person and don't know about many of the topics the wiki wants to cover. So need other Trans* people and allies to help expand the p…

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