[text like this means in my head]

  • I like trains 
  • Name? Who needs a name with a profile pic like this? [oh ok it's required *types name*]
  • Put dispenser here/Pootis Spencer here/We need a dispenser here 
  • Durp/Derp
  • My name's your face and I care what your taste in music is. 
  • What's 9+10+2? 23! [what if there was twenty three trains?]
  • If you post dumb videos I'm gonna unfollow you. 
  • I'm getting a new computer soon. [soon: I DON'T HAVE IT YET IT'S COMING SOON] 
  • What is {insert thing here} [i do know what it is but i only know half of the description] 
  • YOU SAID HIS NAME WRONG [get it right peeps play underswap and you'll understand my point] 
  • I feel like an idiot but: {something i don't know} 
  • (somebody laughs) (laughs the same way) OH MY GOSH WHAT HAPPENED