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aka Undertale trash (or Tails)

  • I live in The Planet Earth
  • I was born on May 11
  • I am a Sonic fan and Brony
  • Milesprower2

    On Plants vs. Zombies Wiki, there was someone called BobbyRio2, a sockpuppet account controlled by the same person who controls SavannahRio2 (links to their userpages are below), and Nathania44 and Nathania1221 are thought to be other alternate accounts. (This link is a discussion about the Nathania accounts, which was interrupted by BobbyRio2, saying "don't block me") 

    They were blocked infinitely, but then the BobbyRio/SavannahRio accounts sent me messages on several oth…

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  • Milesprower2

    This has been resolved now. Please don't comment.

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