Chapter one dont believe

One night when the wind was cold and the night was asleep I had my window open the time was 1:00 am.I was 11 at the time so i was at the stage where monsters vanished i liked to read scary stuff on the internet such as scary storys there was one that caught my eye it read "The Night" i clicked on the link and smiled as i read it it said" there is a man who hides in the shadows who is waitin g to take children I laughed and said Thats just like the booth leg slender man!" i giggled lightly then something stranged happened my closet door was open i wa snervous but thought nothing og it i walked to my closet and poened it slightly and saw something that scared the life out of me.As horror struck threw my as a blade i saw a dark figer blood shocked eyes and was dressed in nothing but a black hoodie and jeans he looked to be a boy no older than me so i asked in an innocent and stuttered voice " w-who a-a-are y-you!?" he replied in a raspy voice "your worst nightmare."          


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