Hello everyone, my name is Misanthroped (but you can call me Sim) and I am a new addition to the wikia community. I am a long time nerd/geek/gamer/addict that has used Wikia for years, but only recently have I found courage to actually try my hand at editing and posting here. I might make a few mistakes here and there, but I know the community is always able to lend a helping hand, especially when there are so many things to add or edit in the gaming world these days. Speaking of which, I recently purchased Deus Ex: Human Revolution and would like to talk about my first impressions of it. Let's dive in.

My first reaction to the game was "Holy mother this is HARD!" But realize this is the first Deus Ex game I have ever played. I am, in every sense of the word, a noob. The beginning of the game places you in Sarif Industries (note that this commentary will attempt to stray away from spoilers) where the game quickly guides you through the basic player controls. I didn't really pay too close attention to these tutorials, normally I like to dive right into a game and figure things out as I go along. However in doing this I completely missed some vital control functions, such as the ability to throw objects. I didn't figure that out until my character was well into mid-game, and since then it has drastically changed my playstyle. The moral of this story is: Pay attention to tutorials, even if you're an experienced gamer.

As I said, the game was surprisingly difficult when I first picked it up. I was playing on normal mode (called "Give me a challenge") and I quickly realized that this is not your normal FPS, where the player is able to empty an entire magazine in the general direction of an enemy and hope for the best. Try to do this with Deus Ex: Human Revolution and you will get a nasty wake-up call in the form of a 10mm round to the face. The game heavily relies on skill and decision making and makes sure that the player is not totally dependant on gear. After dying many times to the tutorial level and the first few missions, I was starting to get frustrated with the game. That all turned around when I viewed the video that takes place between the tutorial and the beginning of real missions. I won't deny that I am a graphics junky and seeing what the artists do to make these games look so beautiful simply astounds me. When I viewed that video I was completely blown away. It took me a full 10 minutes to pick my jaw up from the floor. The video doesn't give away anything that the box already tells you, so you're safe to check it out without ruining any spoils.

Click here to check it out on youtube, and hang on to your socks.