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    Chat Is Down

    July 29, 2013 by MiscellaneousSoup

    Hi. Chat is down. Does anyone understand this?

    Zinc reacts with nitric acid to make hydrogen gas and zinc chloride. If 8.4 L of hydrogen gas is formed (at STP), how many grams of zinc were reacted?

    (Balance the equation before proceeding)

    '__Zn + __HNO3 '--> __H2 + __Zn(NO3)2

    Or this?

    Sodium bicarbonate reacts with phosphroic acid to form sodium phosphate, water, and carbon dioxide gas.   If 8.1 L of carbon dioxide gas is formed (at STP), how many grams of phosphoric acid reacted?

    (Balance the equation before proceeding)

    __NaHCO3 + __H3PO4 --> __Na3PO4 + __H2O  +  __CO2

     Please, can someone help me with the Chemistry???

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  • MiscellaneousSoup

    About ME

    June 8, 2012 by MiscellaneousSoup

    I am a serial killer. I have killed and eaten a literally HUGE number of pretzels.

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