• Mismagius Star

    Stylish Profiles

    August 19, 2015 by Mismagius Star

    We all have profiles - the thing you are encouraged to change so people know some things about you! You can do this in many ways, such as adding a box. You can also keep it simple by just adding text or changing up fonts and colors. Just don't stick to the default profile! It's not good at all! Below are some ways to polish up your profile!

    Set your preferred editor to source editor.

    To change your preferred editor, head to your preferences. To do so, hover or click on the circle in the top right of your screen with your profile picture in it. Then select "Preferences". When there, select the "Editing" section. One of the first options is your preferred editor. Then select source editor! Now you are all set to polish up your profile!

    Select y…

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  • Mismagius Star

    Good Day everyone. This is the new weekly blog made by me. This will explain a new community idea made by Davenport13, and this was announced in this blog made by Davenport. Next week, i will make a new blog of this name, but a two instead of a one.

    I would like some members of Community Central to comment below and say if they will participate in this challenge. If you participate, your name will be on a featured list next week on this blog! This challenge will really try to bring the whole community together, one step at a time.

    If you do participate, the whole Wikia Community Central community will thank you, and everyone will think of you as a great person. I do know the next blog if this kind will be much bigger than this one! The first…

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  • Mismagius Star

    Message Walls

    August 14, 2014 by Mismagius Star

    Everyone knows of another amazing feature called the Message Wall. There are many advantages of the Message Wall and hopefully no bugs to come in the future for it. Today i will teach you through the basics of message walls and may teach you a thing or two you did not know about Message Walls. Lets begin.

    There is a simple process on how to send a message. First, you must go to the user you want to message's message wall. Then, you will see a box that says send a message. You can type the things you want to send in that box, and dont forget to add a title! Below, you will see an example of a message wall post box!

    During writing a message, there are many other things you can do. You can add a photo or any other by pressing one of the button…

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  • Mismagius Star

    Chat Tips

    August 13, 2014 by Mismagius Star

    Everyone knows of a feature called Chat. Chat is a wonderful feature on Wikia and it helps many users talk, bond, and make friends. Recently, and sometimes regularly, there are some bugs that people try to avoid. Today i will give some tips i do that may help you in the feature with Chat. Some bugs are hard to avoid, and others are rather easy. Also, i will point out some features you might have not known. Yes, chat can be annoying, but can you imagine Wikia without it?

    Chat does have amazing features that makes it better than it already is, and these are very useful for some situations. One amazing feature is the Private Message, also known as the PM. These are useful when you want to talk to someone in private, with no one watching. To gi…

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  • Mismagius Star

    Why Chat Annoys Me

    August 12, 2014 by Mismagius Star

    Everyone should know, Chat has been crashing lately, both here on Community Central and other wikis. I do though understand the major issue has been fixed, where the chat would work at all, but i believe the error/bug is not completely fixed yet.

    Now, the whole point of this blog post was to show why i get so annoyed by this bug. Usually i just hover around chat and not post much, especially when i am editing something, like right now, i just watch chat. After a period of time i then see nobody posts. I though "maybe everyone is afk". Then after about 5 minutes, i say "Test". Nothing shows up. Then i refresh, and its a chat with about one fifth of the people in it before.

    They also seem to post before it even says they have joined the chat, nor…

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