This is a weekly blog made by Mismagius Star. This blog usually releases every Friday, yet some exceptions might change this date to earlier, or later.

Good Day everyone. This is the new weekly blog made by me. This will explain a new community idea made by Davenport13, and this was announced in this blog made by Davenport. Next week, i will make a new blog of this name, but a two instead of a one.

I would like some members of Community Central to comment below and say if they will participate in this challenge. If you participate, your name will be on a featured list next week on this blog! This challenge will really try to bring the whole community together, one step at a time.

If you do participate, the whole Wikia Community Central community will thank you, and everyone will think of you as a great person. I do know the next blog if this kind will be much bigger than this one! The first is always the haredest!

Hope you can help the community! Bye!