Everyone knows of another amazing feature called the Message Wall. There are many advantages of the Message Wall and hopefully no bugs to come in the future for it. Today i will teach you through the basics of message walls and may teach you a thing or two you did not know about Message Walls. Lets begin.

Sending Messages

There is a simple process on how to send a message. First, you must go to the user you want to message's message wall. Then, you will see a box that says send a message. You can type the things you want to send in that box, and dont forget to add a title! Below, you will see an example of a message wall post box!

During writing a message, there are many other things you can do. You can add a photo or any other by pressing one of the buttons at the bottom of the box. Let us try adding a photo. You can add it anywhere you like, and you can even pick the special details of the photo, such as position or size! Then, press on the preview button.

Then, you will see a small box at the center of your screen, and it might look like the screenshot on the left. This box shows what your message will look like when you post it. Then, when you are ready and like what your message will look like, press "Post", and you will see your message on the user's message wall!

This process is exactly the same of replying to messages or threads. Just click a thread, scroll to the bottom, and press send a reply and type what you wish! Then, you can preview or directly send it.

Message Wall Greetings

There is another amazing feature in the Message Walls. This is Message Wall Greetings. These can be found on any user's message wall that has made a message wall greeting. To make one, if you havent already, press the contribute button and press add a page. You will see a screen that haves you name your page. Name your page "Message Wall Greeting:Username" (Username is your username).
Then, create whatever you wish to put on greeting! Anyone who visits your message wall will see this, so make it good! You can make these including anything you want, so have fun with Message Wall Greetings!

Thank you so much for reading this blog with features on message walls! Have a great day! Make sure you read my other blogs such as Chat Tips and Why Chat Annoys Me.