We all have profiles - the thing you are encouraged to change so people know some things about you! You can do this in many ways, such as adding a box. You can also keep it simple by just adding text or changing up fonts and colors. Just don't stick to the default profile! It's not good at all! Below are some ways to polish up your profile!

Step 1

Set your preferred editor to source editor.

To change your preferred editor, head to your preferences. To do so, hover or click on the circle in the top right of your screen with your profile picture in it. Then select "Preferences". When there, select the "Editing" section. One of the first options is your preferred editor. Then select source editor! Now you are all set to polish up your profile!

Step 2

Select your style.

Everyone has their own style! For example, mine is boxes with information inside! Now from the options below, select the one that best fits you and head to that section below.

  • Colorful Boxes
  • Plain Paragraphs
  • Customized Text

Colorful Boxes

Boxes are a great way to show information, in a nice and simple way. If you want to create a nice profile style box, copy and paste the code below onto your profile. Than follow the steps below that to create your profile so it's unique to you!

<div style="border:8px inset red; background-color:#ffffff; color:black;">
<div style="background-color:red; font-size:164%; color:#ffffff; margin:11px; border:none; text-align:center;">
<div style="margin:20px;">TEXT HERE</div>

A lot of the things in the code are customizable. Those are the customized settings that you shouldn't keep like that. Make sure you change the colors, margins, and fonts to make them unique for you!

Plain Paragraphs

This would have to be my least favorite of the styles, but it's best for some people. Make sure you add a photo to your profile, just text is not appealing!

Your paragraphs should start when you move onto a new topic about you. A whole page of all text without paragraph seperation just confuses people - so that isn't good.

Customized Text

Colorful and cool is fun! There are a lot of things you can do to customize your text - such as changing the color, font, or even size. Let's start with color! To change the color, copy and paste the code below.

<span style="color:COLOR;">TEXT HERE</span>

Now just fill in the COLOR with a color name, or the color code. Also customize the text! Now let's try the font and font size!

To change the font size! Copy and paste the code below.

<span style="font-size:SIZEpx;">TEXT HERE</span>

Now customize the size and your text! Now let's try the font! It's just as simple!

<font face="FONT">TEXT HERE</font>

Now customize the font and text! Remeber, you can combine any of these. You can even use all at once! Make sure you encorperate tips from other sections of this blog into different styles! Some people have mixed styles, and that's good! Leave any comments! Thanks!