Everyone should know, Chat has been crashing lately, both here on Community Central and other wikis. I do though understand the major issue has been fixed, where the chat would work at all, but i believe the error/bug is not completely fixed yet.

Now, the whole point of this blog post was to show why i get so annoyed by this bug. Usually i just hover around chat and not post much, especially when i am editing something, like right now, i just watch chat. After a period of time i then see nobody posts. I though "maybe everyone is afk". Then after about 5 minutes, i say "Test". Nothing shows up. Then i refresh, and its a chat with about one fifth of the people in it before.

They also seem to post before it even says they have joined the chat, nor are they on the right side with the list if users! When i am engaged in a Private Message with someone, and chat crashes, i might have lost the last message they posted. This chat error will get on my nerves but i am sure i will soon get used to it.


I currently use Chrome browser, so if any users want to share there experiences with different browsers on Wikia please comment below. Another bug with chat is a second PM with a user, which happens to me often. On the left you will see an example of that, and it shows that one of the PMs are being used currently, but none are. Then, that causes double posts in that PM. This is annoying because then the user i sent the PM to gets confused why i am double posting the same message. Please comment below if this happens to you or not.

Although i love chat and it is a great feature, it does have some errors here and there, but i am sure they will be fixed sometime. Please comment below on your experiences on chat and if we have the same errors. I would like to know because there maybe problems with something i have. Have a good day!