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There's this guy, MisterGryphon, who did what could've been called stealing a wiki from me today...

That was the first sentence of a blog post that was recently made on this wiki by a user named MassiveSodaDuck.

Who wants to hear my side of the story? Everyone? Ok, good.

A little while ago, maybe a month or two, MassiveSodaDuck approached me, offering to give me rights on The Ninjago Fanon wiki if I helped him overthrow Legodude101 a beaurecrat on the Ninjago wiki, who is by the way, not underage. I agreed, because at the time, I was only a rollback on the Ninjago Wiki, and didn't know any better.

After a month of planning, MSD "retired" from wikia all together, and didn't tell anyone that he was faking. A few days ago he returned, demanded that I overthrow Legodude101, and when I refused, he threatened me and called me names as well as vandalized the Ninjago Fanon wiki. I blocked him and told him that the deal was off. Yesterday I gave him his rights back because I wanted peace, but today, when I got on the wiki to find myself blocked and him in control, I was very surprised.

Somehow, the founder of the wiki had returned and demoted Legodude101 and myself. He had been inactive for a long time.

Here, I will list some facts about MSD:

  • He has around 4 known sockpuppet accounts.
  • He has been banned from the LEGO Universe wiki many times because of edit warring, flaming, demanding staff rights and vandalism.

I have never been banned on any wiki (except one, which was a misunderstanding)

Please, someone listen to my plea, and consider my side of the story?

This blog post is a reply to another blog post. If you didn't understand what I'm saying, you can read the original here:

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