Hello everyone! If you haven't met me already, I'm Miststream/Mist, and in this blog I'm going to introduce the wiki for the hit Broadway show Hamilton, the Hamilton Wiki.

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What is Hamilton?

Hamilton is a hit Broadway musical which illustrates the life of one of America's founding fathers, Alexander Hamilton. Hamilton, which is written and composed by Lin-Manuel Miranda shows how Hamilton "rises up" from his impoverished past to help build America from the ground up, and bring it to what it is today. It is based off the biography Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow, and tells the true story of Treasury of Secretary Hamilton's life.

Hamilton includes a lot of different music styles, but its unique is hip-hop influences (the fasted rap in Broadway history is performed onstage!) You might have seen Hamilton in the Grammys, or more recently the Tonys, where it broke records for a total of 16 nominations and won 11 of them: including the title of "Best Musical".

The wiki

Do you know anything about the musical Hamilton? Then feel free to contribute to the wiki dedicated to the musical that anyone can edit! The wiki currently has about 40 articles about the cast, musical, and songs, and we hope to grow as we gain more contributors adding new and relevant content. To visit the wiki, click here or on the wordmark below! Any questions? Feel free to ask below or here on the wiki :)

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