• Mizuapril4546

    Jackal Blackstone

    January 3, 2017 by Mizuapril4546

    Jackal was brought up in a wealthy family, however his mother disappeared when he was 3 and his father neglected him, he would spend most of his time inside the libaray of his home and read the books inside by time he was 6 years old he had read every book in his father's library.

    Jackal keeps a diary that he is continuing from when his mother is writing in it, he also has a small book he keeps where he writes his wishes inside.

    Jackal is Apart of the feared Death Servants, he is the head of the Death servants he uses a knife in which he laces it with either snake or spider venom that is highly Potent, the other death servants, don't like Jackal much due to him being a smart ass and always beating them when ever they challenge him to a duel. …

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