Jackal was brought up in a wealthy family, however his mother disappeared when he was 3 and his father neglected him, he would spend most of his time inside the libaray of his home and read the books inside by time he was 6 years old he had read every book in his father's library.

Jackal keeps a diary that he is continuing from when his mother is writing in it, he also has a small book he keeps where he writes his wishes inside.

Jackal is Apart of the feared Death Servants, he is the head of the Death servants he uses a knife in which he laces it with either snake or spider venom that is highly Potent, the other death servants, don't like Jackal much due to him being a smart ass and always beating them when ever they challenge him to a duel.

When Jackal was seven he was kidnapped by a women named Serenity Valmore.

Serenity Valmore designed the Death servants and trained them to be professional 
Jackal soon to be

Full Name: Jackal Graham Blackstone Age:18 Date of birth: January 1 1998 Family: Angelic Blackstone (mother "deceased"),Kyle Blackstone (father Deceased), Dean Blackstone (uncle), Sophie Blackstone (half-sister), Freya Blackstone (sister),Liam Blackstone (brother) Other Names: Jack, The Dark hunter Alignment: Death Servant (current) Blackstone Nobel family Blackstone Brewery Life Protection enforcement Dark Assassin Living Status: Alive

killers, however Jackal disobeyed her, and she took out his eyes,she then however

made all of his other senses stronger his Hearing is his strongest sense and he can

hear thoughts.