• MlpajtsAJ

    Blue's beginning

    August 8, 2016 by MlpajtsAJ

    Hi! As you may not know... I am Blue from Mistclan! Although I have tragically died... my son lives on. His name is Greypaw, and he is currently in Mistclan (Amberstar). The reason I poasted this is because I want people to know the truth for Blue... She was born a kittypet but died a clanner. Here is the life story!

    Blue was born an only kit, so she and her mother were very close. Blue never knew her father, but her mother told her that he was a beautiful blue tom, like herself. Back then, she wasn't only called Blue, she was called Blueberry Rose.She lived with the rest of the Rose family, her mother, Ivy Rose, a big male twoleg called Thomus Rose, his mate Julia Rose, and Blueberry's best friend, Amy Rose.

    Blueberry was happy... She had a…

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