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    How my dog Died

    March 8, 2017 by Mmmarimaria

     Title: How My Dog Died


    My dog Snowball is pregnant and she is having puppies, but snowball is not doing so great, until my sister veronica came, "Snowball is sick" said veronica, "And snowball is having a hard time breathing" said my mom. Me and my dad were worried about snowball, I said, "why is snowball having a hard time breathing", My mom said, "because snowball is giving birth to her puppies, and that is slowing down her breathing". When me, my little brother, my little sister, and my dad had heard that snowball was barely breathing we had gotten even more worried for snowball. That is until when my mom came into  the living room," Snowball had gave birth to her puppies, and her breathing had slowed down a lot" said my mom, that i…

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