Title: How My Dog Died


My dog Snowball is pregnant and she is having puppies, but snowball is not doing so great, until my sister veronica came, "Snowball is sick" said veronica, "And snowball is having a hard time breathing" said my mom. Me and my dad were worried about snowball, I said, "why is snowball having a hard time breathing", My mom said, "because snowball is giving birth to her puppies, and that is slowing down her breathing". When me, my little brother, my little sister, and my dad had heard that snowball was barely breathing we had gotten even more worried for snowball. That is until when my mom came into  the living room," Snowball had gave birth to her puppies, and her breathing had slowed down a lot" said my mom, that is when  my sister Veronica had come into the room, "me and mom are going to take snowball to the vet so, we can see what is wrong with snowball, since snowball is not breathing correctly", said Veronica. My mom had called the vet to let them know that they were bringing  our dog to the vet so they can check on snowball. When my mom had got home she had snowball with her and I see, Veronica crying and I asked her" what is wrong?" she looked at me "Mom will tell the story about what had happened to snowball" said veronica. Me and my dad had sat down on the couch in our living room, then my mom had stated telling the story about what had happened to snowball, "when me and veronica had went to  the vet, the doctor at the vet had did an x-ray on snowball and the doctor had said that there was a still born still inside of snowball, and that the stillborn was slowly killing snowball, and I asked the doctor why is she dying? And he had said that when there is a stillborn inside of a dog the stillborn can affect the mother's blood which can turn to toxic, since there is a stillborn”. Me and my dad were processing what my mom was saying, then my sister Veronica had went to her room still crying. That is when my mom had started to talk again ". When the doctor had come and took snowball away to do some tests on her to see if they can try to take the stillborn out of snowball, the doctors had come back with snowball and they had said that snowball had died, and that they couldn't do anything about the stillborn being inside of snowball since the stillborn was a stiff, and the doctors had said that the stillborn that was inside snowball had affected too much of her blood, that it had killed her". When my little sister and brother had heard that snowball had died they were crying that snowball had died because snowball was their favorite dog. " so that is why Veronica was crying" my dad said, Veronica had come out of her room still crying holding snowball, "yes, she was crying at the vet when she had heard that snowball had died' said my mom. That is when my sister had went back to her room by herself and my brother and sister tried calming Veronica down because Veronica was crying the most, everyone was crying because snowball had died. Veronica had stayed in her room for the whole day, and she didn't come out until night time. Even with snowball being gone for a while now, Veronica still cries about snowball being dead. Because snowball was Veronica favorite dog, Veronica would  always play with snowball. Veronica always thinks about snowball even though snowball is not in the family anymore. The puppies that snowball had and  Veronica and my family had kept a puppy to remember that the puppies that were born came from snowball, because since the puppies look like snowball my family wanted to keep one of the puppies, so they can have one of snowball's puppies to remember her. The puppy that we had took was a boy that looked exactly like snowball, so the family had picked the boy.  When  Veronica had saw that we had picked a puppy that had looked exactly like snowball she had kept the puppy by her, and then Veronica had started to cry because snowball was gone. And also she was happy that we had picked a puppy that looked exactly like snowball. So me and my family had left Veronica alone so she can have some alone time with the puppy. Later on Veronica had come into the bedroom and she had let everyone play with the puppy, by that time Veronica had stopped crying and she was happy now that there was a puppy that looked like snowball. Even though snowball is not in the family anymore Veronica always thinks about snowball. Sometimes Veronica still thinks that snowball is still alive, and me and my family would have to tell her that snowball had died. So now whenever Veronica thinks about snowball, she goes to teddy bear, the puppy, since the family had named him. Veronica mostly stays by teddy bear, and when Veronica always sees teddy bear she gets happy that teddy bear is there waiting for my family. Teddy bear is always happy when he sees me and Veronica the most, because he knows that we would always be by him.  Veronica would mostly be by teddy bear, because she did the same thing with snowball, Veronica was by snowball a lot. When me and Veronica would always get home from school teddy bear would be happy to see us. Every day when me and Veronica see teddy bear, he reminds us of snowball. Everyday Veronica would think about snowball a lot, ever since snowball had died Veronica has been thinking a lot about snowball.

So that is the story on what had happened to snowball, and how snowball had died.