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  • I live in Humboldt County
  • My occupation is Semi Professional Artist
  • Mmpratt99 deviantart

    My new wiki isn't going so well. It's short and skimpy, and I don't know whether I should put up famous examples of round-robin stories, or just go ahead and put up my stories.

    I think I might need expert help on this one>

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  • Mmpratt99 deviantart

    I want to start this wikia portion that features a series of round-robin fantasy/horror stories. For anyone who doesn't know what a round-robin is, it's a type of collaborative fiction writing or storytelling in which a number of authors each write chapters of a novel or pieces of a story, in rounds. I first heard about robin-robin while visiting this writer's camp during my middle school year. The story I did turned out to be a horror-comedy of a sorts where a girl gets so shocked at a surprise birthday party her friends threw for her that her brain burst out of her head.

    Whenever I write, my ideas tend to get stalled on various things--plot holes, too much detail, various distractions ranging from chores and art projects, so I wind up …

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