I want to start this wikia portion that features a series of round-robin fantasy/horror stories. For anyone who doesn't know what a round-robin is, it's a type of collaborative fiction writing or storytelling in which a number of authors each write chapters of a novel or pieces of a story, in rounds. I first heard about robin-robin while visiting this writer's camp during my middle school year. The story I did turned out to be a horror-comedy of a sorts where a girl gets so shocked at a surprise birthday party her friends threw for her that her brain burst out of her head.

Whenever I write, my ideas tend to get stalled on various things--plot holes, too much detail, various distractions ranging from chores and art projects, so I wind up with piles of note books filled with half finished stories. Hopefully on Wikia, I can give these stories a second chance of life.

I just don't where on exactly on Wikia, I can place this round-robin feature. If anyone is interested in helping, please reply either on my Talk Page or right here.