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Observations I made in local emergency room

I am specially concerned about awareness of the H1N1 virus in the city I live in. I know this is not a local problem. And it seems many private organizations are not taking the appropriate measures to prevent ANY disease from spreading.

I want to emphasize on the fact that if the preventative measures were adequate in the USA, there would not have been as many cases of H1N1 in this country.

In my opinion, the government intentions are good to stop the spread of Swine Flu; but perhaps not good enough.

I personally was in a hospital emergency room in the state I live in on May 12th, 2009. I saw NOT ANY ONE preventative measure within the area I was in, (two large emergency rooms and the rooms within), to stop the spread of ANY disease. A large number of the people who were there (at least 30-35 adults) were coughing, their children had signs of cold/flu symptoms, some of their faces were smeared in body fluids. All children were playing with the toys provided there-in. The floor looked dirty, in various places.

There was ONE personal bathroom in the whole emergency room, with soap and water. There was no guards, and NO SIGNS indicating awareness that there is a virus called H1N1 going around to persuade people to wash their hands and stop the spreading of disease. I think it is every hospital of this nation's responsibility to post a sign to make people aware of what is happening. I know many people who are secluded, who knew nothing about the H1N1, who only found out because I told them recently. These people had been to emergency rooms and supermarkets in a recent time, and STILL did not know about it.

People who do not have Television, Computers or any way of getting the worldwide News; like those who live in small towns.

The least they should see is a warning in any emergency room they visit of the hospitals they go for injuries, diseases and such. To let them know about what is going on.

I called the United States local Health department about this and their excuse is: "we can not force people to wash their hands and wear masks", they pointed me to call another organization, then another and another. Needless to say nobody I spoke to, was willing to help the fact that nothing is being done in that hospital (and others) to stop the spreading of the disease. I was told eventually to complain to the hospital management and staff.

Now you have to be blind, not to have seen the reports of some third world countries giving away face masks FOR FREE, to the people who show up in emergency rooms. There is no such thing here.

Bending Machines with all kinds of junk food and carbonated drinks. But not one had 2.5 ounce bottles of hand sanitizer for sale. I looked, was surprised not to find anything.

If I had been ignorant to the news of H1N1, I would have never known of the status of the disease by going to that emergency room on May 12th, 2009. Not to mention, if somebody had been contaminated with it, all the people there would be sick now.

--Molokaicreeper 17:28, 13 May 2009 (UTC)molokaicreeper