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    January 5, 2016 by Monkeypolice188


    I'm really keen to get Custom Usertags next to my Wiki's staff names. Like 'Admin', 'Bureaucrat' and 'Patroller', but unfortunately I don't know how. I've tried once before, and it hasn't worked. Here's my Wiki. If someone could do it for me, or tell me exactly what to do, how, and where, that'd be cool. Appreciate it.


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  • Monkeypolice188

    Not sure where I should post this, but I've noticed a small grammar error as part of Wikia's mistake. When creating a new template, you are greeted with a "Choose template type" screen. The "Scrollbox" type's description has "it's", where it is supposed to be "its". Create a template and see for yourself.

    The description reads "Scrollbox - This template displays it's contents in a scrollable box." - The "it's" is meant to be "its" in this case.


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  • Monkeypolice188

    So I'm having an Issue where images will no longer upload onto the Wiki. Adding new images via the Classic Editor while editing articles will greet me with a white-square image with nothing in it, and "Adding New Images" brings me to a "could not create directory: #[number]" screen. Images won't upload any more? Anyone else having this issue right now?

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