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raptormon is a raptor monstermon that has a stubby mouth and a stubby tail a female tail is longer and not stubby than a male there where the second monstermon to appear just like victimon it's a starter monstermon they usually live in hot places like volcanoes they eat fruit like apricots magno,bananas,apples,blackberries,and boysenberries. females only eats magnos,boysenberries,fish,and nuts.sometimes they are found eating cherries and tomatoes.they evolve to xdaptorraptor staring at a level 19 and evolves to megaraptormon at a level 34.shines also appear too but the shines are mostly white because there skin changes depending on the seasons. in spring they are blue
CRE xdaptormon-0e05527f ful
CRE raptormon-0e05527e ful

in the summer they are redish orange

the others are unknow
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