CRE victimon-0e05527b sml
victimon is a half dragon and dinosaur like monstermon there were the first monstermon to appear they evolve to xvictimon starting at a level 15 and evoles to gigavictimon starting at a level 33 males mosty stand up while females walk on four legs the two horns are used for headbutting trees to find fruit they mostly eat fruits,nuts,fish,and berries females procect there babies from getting hurt while males mostly fight all the times leaving briuses and scars it is unknown how a victimon has a scar over it's eye including the female.victimon is also quick teempered monstermon shines are also rare sometimes when it's winter a sivler,gold,or bronze appear they are very fast that's why no one can can them.
CRE victimon-0e05527b sml
CRE xvictimon-0e05527c ful
CRE Gigavictimon-0e05527a sml
victimon at level 5

xvictimon at level 15

gigavictimon at level 33