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  • MontagnaMagica

    This is a continuation of the discussion on the talk page of Sannse. Please comment here rather than on the talk page. I think this has been a very intriguing debate so far.

    "Hello Sannse!

    I'd like to let you, and the rest the Wikia staff here on Community Central know about an apparant problem user here on this wiki. His user name is Charitwo, and he a part of the Volunteer Spam Task Force. Recently, he has blocked two users with any clear warning, and will not give a descriptive reason for the blocks besides "Disruptive Behavior". Hopefully, as a staff member, you can review these with a non-biased viewpoint and resolve this issue.

    Here are the contributions and talk pages for the users involved:

    • Charitwo's Talk Page
    • Charitwo's Contributions
    • B…
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  • MontagnaMagica


    June 9, 2011 by MontagnaMagica

    Hello fellow Wikians! I would like to know what everybody here thinks about Achievements (Also known as Badges). I'm trying to find ways to encourage people to edit on Roller Coaster Wiki. To me, the Achievements feature seems a little bit annoying and might encourage useless edits. Have any of you had them on your wiki, and do they actually help? Thanks in advance everyone!

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