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    Okay, I see that some of you had commented on my last blog, Everything Changes. Great! Really! And I do realize that this is a life matter and doesn't really have anything to do with community central. I get that. But here's the thing.

    It's not for my parents, the reason the I'm trying to change, not only my religion, but who I am in general. See my whole life I could never say yes to certain oppurtunities. I always had to let them pass me by. I've never been able to get anywhere with my friends, and if my parents ever gave me the chance to do so, I would do something wrong and mess it up.

    Picture this in your mind.

    Your sitting at home, doing nothing, not even allowed to go outside in the neighborhood to hang out with your friends. All you h…

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  • MouseyRose

    Everything Changes

    March 27, 2012 by MouseyRose

    Okay, so here's the thing.

    I've been in a tight situation for a while. My parents have never trusted me and I'm usually in some kind of trouble 24/7. What should I do?

    The major thing about me was that for the past 5 years, I 've been claiming myself as an atheist. In other words, I didn't believe in God. And it wasn't because I didn't like him, it was more along the lines of not being able to put my faith in something that I really couldn't see, you know?

    Now I do believe. I pray when I can, and I do my best to do the right thing. I have to admit its pretty hard. Changing religions. You begin to feel lost almost. Most of the time I do.

    And my parents they do want me to change. And I'm trying to. I really am. I just don't know where to start s…

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  • MouseyRose

    Too much and Too little.

    January 20, 2012 by MouseyRose

    Okay so you would not believe what happened to me this week. Actually no I won't tell you. Its too embarassing. But how have you been? Write me!

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