Okay, I see that some of you had commented on my last blog, Everything Changes. Great! Really! And I do realize that this is a life matter and doesn't really have anything to do with community central. I get that. But here's the thing.

It's not for my parents, the reason the I'm trying to change, not only my religion, but who I am in general. See my whole life I could never say yes to certain oppurtunities. I always had to let them pass me by. I've never been able to get anywhere with my friends, and if my parents ever gave me the chance to do so, I would do something wrong and mess it up.

Picture this in your mind.

Your sitting at home, doing nothing, not even allowed to go outside in the neighborhood to hang out with your friends. All you have are books, tv, and maybe a game system. You can't get on the computer because you're not allowed on the internet, and you don't have a cell phone because your parents can't trust you.

That's my life. That's how I live. And the fustration I've had to go through in the past couple of weeks trying to do change myself has only helped me do one thing. It has helped make me see everything else change around me. The friends I used to have, gone. Later I learn that they were never really my friends. My parents? They begin to let me do certain stuff. For instance, I can get on the computer, but no internet. At least not yet. And they are actually letting me go on a field trip to a place that is 3 hours away from where I live.

So a lot has happened. And the only thing I need is the strength to keep going. I need help.

If you want to ask more questions, message me on my message wall. I promise I'll answer.