• MrSJWBarlowski

    Hi. I'm Shane Joseph Wilson Barlowski and this is basically my short biography. After God created me and placed me in my mother's womb, I was born on Friday night of July 1, 1988 at 10:16 PM at the old hospital on MCAS Cherry Point, North Carolina but have lived in Newport, North Carolina all my life up until our move to a township called Bald Creek in a town called Burnsville in western NC in late October 2009 for a change of venue, new refreshing start, and to be near family. I'm half Polish, Scots-Irish (mostly Irish and plenty Scottish), and a splish splash of Cherokee. I went from just East Coaster to a mountain man. I got diagnosed with traits of autism, ADHD, and a learning disability in the harder mathematics at 5 in 1993 but I rea…

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