You probably all know about what's going on over at ERB. Well, I linked some Spinpasta users to ERB chat from Spinpasta chat. Then the trolls from ERB started wreaking their havoc at SPWC, during a trial to bring CPWC back. I was the first one accused, since I also had a "Spanish" username. I tried to tell everyone that I never linked the trolls to SPWC, but nobody listened and I got banned from that chat.

I did not bring the spammers to SPWC, I only linked to ERB from SPWC, so I really don't know how this happened unless Lei or someone else mentioned Spinpasta, unintentionally bringing the spammers. Yet they refused to believe me and banned me for 2 weeks.

Now drama's going to stir up on SPWC (the reason CPWC got shut down) and the trial will be aborted, and it will be all my fault, and the people who wanted CPWC to come back will hate me forever, I know it. I never wanted the trolls to come to SPWC to ruin the trial. I'm sorry I ever linked them to ERB in the first place. I just want everyone to believe me and for me to be unbanned.

Oh, and don't link me to Wikia Contact. This is not the time for that. Please comment if you support me.