Death is the most hated thing that anyone knows. It brings so much pain to everyone that not everyone can cope with it. Ive been trying to deal with the last few months that its not getting easy at all. I hope it gets easier with time because I want to get better and I want to get better. But death is one thing that I want to hurt because it hurt me and others that I know. I know people live and die and that's what lifes all about but I want to know why it takes the young ones that haven't lived long to say yes this was my life and im ready to go. Death is the worse thing that anyone can ever feel. I just wish that death wasn't real but it is. Death always comes and goes. It comes in the weirdest forms and you never know when is going to happen. But you cant help but think that when it happens you can see it coming but you don't. That sucks and I wish that it wasn't like that I wish we can feel or know when it comes. I want to know when dealing with death becomes easier to deal with and when it hurts less. Because is not fun and is not the greatest feelings that anyone can ever deal with.