To Who This May Concern,

I know that you could not read this because you are in a better place. But, you don't know how the pain of you being gone is to a lot us. Your family and friends we want you here, we want to spend time with you, we want you alive, and most importantly I want you here for a second chance. A second chance to apologize to you because I feel like I could've talked to you about not doing anything stupid and to sleep it off. To think about the decision you had in your future our future the plans we had together. You were supposed to be my bestfriend, we had so many plans, and ideas. We were supposed to conquer the world together, us and your family. If its possible to time travel I would go back to 7 months ago and take your keys away from you.

I know that you would've have taken someone else with you. I know your death was an accident, because now two families are hurting. Especially all the people that care about you. I always wondering what was going through your head your thoughts and how hurt you were. Because I always told you to come to me when you needed someone, you had my number and you could've called. I could've picked you up, but I always felt like you didn't trust me enough to help you out. I remember our phone calls, the time I went to go see you and the time your father told me he missed me. Our midnight talks and staying in the front talking.

I wish you were here so I wouldn't be hurting because I would've known you were going to fight because you were a fighter and you always knew how to be strong. You always came out on top, damn the last few months I just wanted to be here because I wanted and need to talk to you in person. I need to hear your voice feel your hugs. It just crazy on how the one fight you had a hard battle with you couldn't win. And you let death win, I wish death didn't win.

Bestfriend, if you can hear me and my pain that I'm pushing way down and not showing my weakness. Please I'm begging you to show me a sign or talk to me in my dreams and let me know what your doing and how life is after death. Tell me I have something to look forward to because I don't know if I can deal with this pain. Grief is so hard to deal with and I know I promised you that im going to be strong and I've been trying but sooner or later I am going to break, and lose control. Because you were the smile and my heart. You were my back bone. Every time I lost it I always thought of you and talked to you and everything would be fine.

I never told you how grateful I was and that I don't regret ever meeting you I wish I could've told you that when you were alive. I love you and I hope you knew that, I hope I see you soon. Bye bestfriend I love you always and forever.

Sincerely, Your Bestfriend