Name:Sassenach (Nach for short)

Age 12 moons (1 year)

postion/clan: Loner

heritage : kittypet, Thunder and sky clan

Home:edge of thunder and wind clan terriorty.

apperance: Dark gery she-cat with white markings and yellow eyes. Scare from right inside ear to the left cheek across eye .

I belive Henry is pinestar and he had 3 kits before he wentr to the cutters called Susu Bunny Sheir Bunny has no kits Sheir has 3 called King maiden and Jester. Susu had 2 kits with raven a loner called sussenach and Scotts. Nach was adopted and lived in the two leg place by the Ocean, her two legs left her when they moved and she lived with  the ruoges there for awhile before going to the clans to see what they were like, wind clan drove her out , river and shadow drove her out to and threated thunder clan ifb they took her. She was named after the littlegirl who owned her favorite book charter.

so thats my OC comment what you think i should add and if you want more of her story.