I'm legitimately bored and I'm almost 100% sure the old one is closed, so yeah. Ask me stuff kthxbai

Already Asked

(I'm only adding the ones I find to be more personal as to prevent redundancy :P)

  1. Do you play video games?
Heavens yes- World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy Online (PC), Lost Odyssey, Fable series (xBox 360), Nintendogs and Pokemon (DS/3DS) and probably a few others I have forgotten...
  1. When did you join Wikia and why?
I joined Wikia on May 12, 2012 on Warriors Wiki as another user. I had lurked the website for about 2 years prior, but was too scared to join until I got bored one summer day. XD
  1. If you could meet anyone, who would it be?
As in, anybody online? If so, I absolutely cannot choose just one. There's my best friend forever, .Dawnshadow and my two "brothers", sactage and RansomTime.
  1. What is your favourite band?
Three Days Grace, though there's many bands I absolutely love.
  1. On a scale of Primrose Everdeen to Towhead, how blonde are you?
Probably Primrose Everdeen, though I could have passed for Towhead when I was little.
  1. What was the first wikia chat you... "chatted" on when you first joined?
Warriors Wiki- I never joined Central until September 2012.
  1. What superpower would you want?
That's a hard question. If I could ever have a superpower.. honestly? It'd be one that could keep people I hold dear safe from anything. So maybe not a physical power, but maybe. I dunno. =P