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Nachtide November 9, 2015 User blog:Nachtide

Imagine all of us living in a mansion together! Well, now we can, actually. I've decided to put some work into a story surrounding the fellow Wikians on this Wiki, Community Central, living together in a mansion.

If you are interested, please sign up! Also, you are allowed to have up to 2 roommates, besides yourself. ^^ This story will be super creative with several inside jokes.

Rules for Signing Up

  • If you wish to room with somebody who has not yet signed up or doesn't consent to rooming with you, I will remove them from your list. ^^ A mark like this '*' means that the user has not consented to being in the room.

Rooms & Residents

  1. TheBurningPrincess - Highest Part of the Loft
  2. Nachtide | Sactage - Hallway Bedroom on the Top Floor
  3. Zmario | Dimentio99 | XxShikigamiXx - Undecided Bedroom on the Second Floor
  4. Ⓑⓛⓤⓔ_Sᵗᵉᵉᶫ_CTS* | M67PattonZippo | Scarlet Outlaw - Undecided Bedroom
  5. Josephyr* | SomeRandomHuman - Undecided Bedroom
  6. AngrydroidForce99 - Undecided Bedroom (next to Human's room)
  7. KCCreations* | HDMaster - Undecided Bedroom
  8. Miststream - Undecided Bedroom
  9. Fujiwara No Mokou | Loygansono55* - Undecided Bedroom
  10. Ikido - Undecided Bedroom
  11. Jr Mime* | HDMaster - Undecided Bedroom on the Top Floor
  12. KawaiiUnicorn | Arthedain The Darkbringer* - Undecided Bedroom
  13. AustinD-3 - Undecided Bedroom
  14. Master Ceadeus 27 - Undecided Bedroom
  15. Rider ranger47 - Undecided Bedroom on the Top Floor
  16. StrawberryMaster - Undecided Bedroom
  17. Blog Author Auburn - Faraway Bedroom
  18. Utkar22 - Undecided Bedroom
  19. ChaoticShadow - Lowest Basement

Special Requests

If you want to have any hobbies (i.e. cooking or whatnot), note them. ^^

Other Requests

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