Hey guys- Nachtide here. I just wanted to officially say I am home. I was in the hospital for reasons I would rather not disclose publicly. Anyway, now that I'm in my own bed and have people who've been looking out for me (not to mention, it's almost a new year), I wanted to boost a few egos of some of my friends who stuck with me here in 2015. This is in no particular order (although my closest friends tend to be on top).

People I'd Like to Thank

.Dawnshadow: Girl, you are most definitely my best friend. This is the Wiki that bonded us, and our friendship has been amazingly strong in the last three years. I remember we met on Warriors Wiki, but we never really talked. However, one night, when I was reminiscing in Community Central Chat about one of my childhood show theme song- 64 Zoo Lane, for those who are curious- you immediately recognized it. You are the most loyal friend I've ever had, too. You stood by me during the bad break-up in April, and have always done your best to keep me mentally safe. I love you, so dearly, as a little sister, but I don't think of you as my shadow. I think of you as my equal, and you have no idea how high respect I hold for you. I love you, Blaze, and I can't wait to meet you in the future.

UnknownProdigy: Hehe, Kaelan. I know you might be ticked that you're not on top, but yeah. Anyway. You are my boyfriend- and are so near and dear to me. I know we have our rough spots, sometimes, but we always stick with each-other, don't we? I remember we met on the My Little Pony Chat when I was immature Storm Serenity, but we never really talked there. However, when I returned as Nachtide, you started taking an interest in making small talk every now and then. I find you adorable, and although you seem to think you're clever in our conversations, trust me, I'm cleverer. :) You're my dork- by the way, pretty sure you can drive 56 hours but that's just me heehee. Oh, and 10/17/15. <3

sactage: Santa- boy, I don't even remember how/when I even gave you that nickname.. but anyway. Santa, you're basically my big brother. You tend to try to drag me into a Skype call (which I usually do anyway because it's you) when I'm half-asleep, though. In all seriousness though, you have kept me strong. You are so damn protective of me sometimes, and I appreciate you always being there for me. I feel as if I can rant to you about absolutely anything- and not be judged. So, love ya. You're my brother.

RansomTime: Apollo. You are like a guide for me, y'know. I can trust you with basically everything- especially when it relates to my emotional problems. You are somebody I treasure, simply because you're willing to sit and listen. Plus, you have a pretty good sense of humor, and I find myself laughing at our strange jokes in main chat, sometimes. You are so, so wise, and I know that probably makes you feel old (you are =P), but I mean that. So, please stay awesome. ^^

People I'd Still Like to Thank

(These are gonna be shorter because I don't know them as well as the peeps above)
Zmario: Hi Mario. You're pretty cool, and I appreciate your virtual hugs a lot in chat. =P Hugs are great! I view you as a person who is steady-hearted- as in, you have a generous, kind air about you, but you sometimes find it difficult to allow it to show. Then again, you have an awesome sense of humor, so there's that. :D

KCCreations: Hello KCC. You're pretty awesome. I appreciate having your presence in chat, often, because most of your comments tend to make me laugh- or at least, smile. So, thanks for being really chill and kind- and I hope to get to know you better in the following year. ^^

Miststream: Hi Mist. :3 I know you like Warrior cats (which I like too) and you like Hollyleaf, so we're chill. You're really cool. I like how you keep a calm, albeit happy kind of attitude. It's something this Wiki's needed for a while, considering the chaos that was this year. xD Anyway, stay awesome, hun. :3

M67PattonZippo: Hi Zippo. Why do you PM me? XD I ain't that interesting, bruh. =P But in all seriousness, you're rather chill. I'm sorry I don't respond to your messages with much focus- usually, you message me when I'm trying to do something important so ;.; I hope we'll be able to talk more this incoming year ^^;

Fujiwara No Mokou: Hey Fujiwara. ^^ I know you've always been happy to have me as a friend, I guess. XD But you're seriously a wonderful person. I understand that life is rough, but you gotta make it through. If you don't make mistakes/don't get hurt now, you won't be able to grow as an individual. I want you to continue staying strong, for me. ^^ You are purely awesome. :D

So yeah. That about covers it. HERE'S TO 2016 <3