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My Recent And Future Inactivity

Nachtide January 9, 2016 User blog:Nachtide
So, lately, I've been feeling as if there's a gap in my life. I've been spending a ton of time off-Wiki trying to write and meditate about it. I honestly feel like something is missing that I absolutely need; like a "hole in my heart". It feels as if there's a missing piece to my puzzle, I guess. I'm trying to figure this out, and if I want to be able to understand myself, I cannot be staring at a chat screen for 5 hours, y'feel?
I'm gonna be a bit more inactive. I'll return a lot more (or maybe I won't? Who knows) after I'm able to figure out this missing piece in my life. I am tired of doing the same old thing, if it means nothing changes. So yeah. Thanks guys. <3

-- XOXO Nachtide

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