Alright. I'll jump straight to the point.

This is a point in time where I need to focus on my family. My mother is grieving over an old family friend who was just diagnosed with stage four cancer. As of this morning, she's been sobbing non-stop. My father isn't too good with understanding emotions, to be honest, but this has shaken him a bit too. Right now, I need to step up to the plate, and take care of my parents and my little sister. I'm the firstborn of my family, so often, responsibility goes to me whenever one or both parents are struggling.

As such, I cannot be helping my family while being an active chatter here- for the moment. I'm not leaving completely, I'll still log in. However, my activity will be super-duper spotty. If I'm needed, have somebody like Sactage (here) or UnknownProdigy (MLPW) get a hold of me.

Thank you, everybody. You all are amazing. <3 Nachtide