I frequently get the comment of "You look so happy!", both in real life and online, here on Wikia. While the given remark has a variety of truth to it, I, too, have had my share of struggles. I am posting this blog not because I want to exchange a sob story, but because I would like to bring a new light in Wikians.

About Nachy

I was born six weeks premature, on August 27, 1998, and from thereon, my parents could tell something was wrong. I acted much differently- and it was later revealed I had Autism and ADHD, and if I turned out the way expected, I would also develop eating disorders (which I did not), depression, and anxiety. As I grew up, I was bullied a lot. These past three years in particular have been a blessing with some rough patches. When I joined Wikia, I was fleeing from a cyberbullying website. I was a decent editor, yes, but I was immature. I lacked wisdom and kindness.
While this isn't even half the length of my story, I think I'll stop there. =P
But either way, my mistakes will never define me. Nor does my bitter past. Nachtide is the name I have chosen to represent me- the after tide of the storm that was my life.

How This Applies to Wikia

So, I know we all have our differences. Everybody here on Wikia is different. But it is the Wikian friendships I have formed that quite literally saved me. I could probably list out every member of my close Wikian friends, and tag them with the trait they have generously given me.
Granted, there's always going to be trolls. There's no doubt about that. Always. However, what about the misguided members? Yes, I'm talking about the members who cause drama and fight constantly. I was one of those members. I was defensive and excessively arrogant, and it definitely took a kind soul (several actually) to accept my mistakes, and nudge me on the right path.
So, the next time you see somebody in chat causing drama, before you leap to your keyboard and start attacking people, I ask you to think. Think about the person behind the screen- not the person you assume is behind the name. Reconsider the situation. Maybe that person is having a rough day? While that doesn't excuse directly disobeying rules, you should still try to be a guide.
Without a guide, I wouldn't be the person I am today.

-- Lots of love, Nachtide