Ignore the weird title because the coding will probably throw a fit if I put an apostrophe somewhere >.< So, as some of you guys know, I've been a member of Wikia since May 2012. I joined Central underneath a different name in September 2012. So, I basically have an almost-four-year timespan here. I wanted to share with you guys some things I have picked up as a veteran chatter.

The Commandments

  • Chat invasions are not cool. In fact, they tend to stress users out whenever there's a sudden flood of others pouring in, devoted solely to causing trouble. My home Wiki had to deal with chat invasions quite often, back in 2013, because we had a huge fanbase at the time. It's not fun, for anybody but the aggressors. So, don't do it. :P
  • Learn the difference between a troll and a new user. People have been getting these two confused a ton in the recent years. A troll is somebody who basically wants to cause any amount of trouble they possibly can. I've known a few former trolls, and they only do it for the sake of fun and games. However, a new user is somebody who is struggling to get the hang of Wikia. Try to be more understanding if they ask really broad and vague questions- don't accuse them outright of causing trouble when they're getting upset / misunderstood.
  • Accept people for their opinions and respect them. Okay, I admit that I am probably the most opinionated person on Wikia. Therefore, I struggle in this department- but, always try to be open-minded about certain situations. Whenever the situation is heated in particular, a disagreement could make it worse.
  • Avoid sensitive topics in main chats! Some chats have different rules about what is or what is not sensitive. Whenever somebody mentions depression or anything further, I tend to get up in arms about it because I struggle with that. If somebody asks you to stop, it would probably be in yours (and others!) best interests to move onto a better subject.
  • Don't be that person: Captain Obvious. If chat is dead, perhaps commenting on the status is not a good idea. Everybody doesn't need an announcement (or for me during PM's, an alert on my scrollbar) about it. If you want something to change, follow through with the change and lead the example. Do not talk just for the sake of talking- it tends to drive others crazy.
  • Be mindful of the fact that people have lives. Some people leave their chats logged in 24/7- and I'm pretty sure that those people are performing jobs outside of Wikia or sleeping or whatever. People should not have to feel obligated to drop everything they're doing just to entertain. It's an entitlement situation, and personally, I have little patience for people who are unable to respect that. Also, the "then they shouldn't in chat" thing is also not cool.
  • Please remember that moderators don't watch chat all day, everyday. I've never been an active moderator on any Wiki, so this is basically a common sense thing. Moderators have lives, too. If they're in chat and not responding, safely assume they're doing something else. Patience is key- especially whenever there's a spammer or whatnot.
  • Breaking rules on purpose is a one-way ticket to Ban Land. Population? You. I suppose this is mostly a no-brainer. Seriously though, if you want to cause trouble, go on another website where people probably won't mind your relentless breaking of rules. Breaking rules is not cool and it only frustrates other people.
  • Just drop the whole mini-modding thing and learn the difference between that and being a gentle reminder. I am frequently accused of being a mini-mod because I'm gently reminding people that it probably isn't a good idea to do X and Y. I think that the whole term is being abused and should be forgotten forever in the pits of the void, but that's just me.
  • Don't drag in other Wiki drama. Please. Nobody wants to see you rambling about how so-and-so banned you for some reason. If you really need to sort it out, seek them out via their message wall here on Central politely. Flooding our chat is not really a great idea to help your cause.
  • There is a difference between moderators/admins and VSTF and Staff!!! VSTF are people who are volunteers to deal with vandalism and spam on other Wikis. Dealing with other Wiki stuff (unless it's vandalism or something) is not in their jurisdiction. Staff are the highest people in the Wiki "chain-of-command", as I like to put it. They deal with all issues that cannot be dealt with be anybody else (such as hackers or whatever). Don't bother them over small issues that can be resolved on your own.
  • Just be kind to each-other! Don't be mean. Being nice is a good thing and it tends to rub off on other people. If somebody's unhappy, it darkens the whole atmosphere. So let's be chill, okie? :3

Alright, that's about enough from me. I feel as if this might help out some users- note that these are not actual rules by me, but personal recommendations that I do my best to follow. Stay awesome, lovelies. <3