Okay, so I'm admittedly disappointed in the downhill spiral chat members seem to have gone into while I was gone. For those of you who do not know, I was at the hospital for some stuff that happened for about twenty-one days (November 17th to December 9th or so), and obviously, some new faces have come in, and some familiar faces have gone.

But I have one request, for everybody. The moderators, the Staff, and every single member that joins the chat: please do not end this year on a bad note.

Some of us have had a wonderful 2015- for others, like me, it was the worst year imaginable. In the haze of our own lives, though, we often forget who we are talking to. We forget that there is a human with a heart and a brain behind the computer screen. I know some of us have our differences- trust me, it's natural.

So, I guess what I'm saying is that we need to remember that we're all here on Wikia for a reason. I've been here since May 2012 on my home Wiki, and every now and then, I learn something from newer members. So, veterans like me, just remember to assume good faith. I know it's hard, when you've seen people lying a ton on your own Wikis, but you never know- you could be wrong. I'd rather see the glass half-full then half-empty, y'know? And new users? Don't be intimidated. You guys will get into the swing of things- I promise. None of us bite.

We gotta remember that we're still a community. <3 -- Love, Nachtide