Yoko is my favorite character in this series.

Hi everybody! it`s me Naglfar94 again it`s been awhile. This time I am letting everyone know that I created another wiki and I am again seeking help this wiki is about the anime series Inukami! so come here if you want to see Inukami wiki.

Reason For Makeing

At first I did not even bother to make a wiki for this series because I thought there was already a wiki out for this. But then I checked online and looked and what do you know nothing! which shocked me as people acually know about this series so I decided to give this great series it`s own place!! So Inukami fans can now have their dream come true!.

Thing`s this wiki Need`s most

This wiki is freash out of the box as in It got made last night so there is nothing up there except for a few thing`s so the site is well.. Still plain I will change the color and stuff of it soon though. Now down to thing`s it need`s one thing is contributers please please please if you have anything for this series or know about it come by really..please because my first wiki I made I`m doing most of the work all alone,but no big deal for that one because I think it`s because no one has heard of Nage Libre but I know people have seen Inukami in some form or another I need more info on the anime and light novel part of the series. I do most of the thing`s for the manga version as I have read all chapters this wiki will need lot`s of pictures,charcter pages,episode list and you know what I mean right? I hope so! so please come by I need great helpers I`ll be really sad if no one comes...

Final Thoughts

So yeah just please come by and make sure you spread the word about this wiki I made this wiki because Iukami does not have it`s own spot shockingly so now it does fear not fellow fans it is not the end for this series so let`s work toghether to make this wiki awsome!