Start screen

does anyone know this game title? maybe not but now you can with the brand new Wiki that`s out for it!!

Hello I`m user Naglfar94! nice to meet everyone I`m still fairly new to the wiki community so I don`t know how to work everything yet. But I wanted to get the word around that my wiki Nage Libre Wiki is up! but sadly I`m the only one doing the work up there... so I wanted some hint`s and tip`s on how to get people to come and edit it`s quite lonely but it`s growing slowly so if any one want`s to check it or even edit feel free.

Goal of making this Wiki

My reason for making that wiki was because of the lack of info for that game on the internet. The Wikipedia had this game up there but the article was very poor quality and lacked basic info about the game I don`t know what to call that page. Anyhow there is little to no info about this game and it`s sad because it`s a good game! have any of you heard of Fire Emblem? that game`s gameplay style is similer to Fire Emblem`s but it uses Card`s for battle`s and even if your main character fall`s you won`t get a game over! this game was only released in japan but I`m pretty sure some people have been exposed to it one way or another I own a copy of it myself. But basically my goal is to make this game more known I me come on this is the internet i would expect atleast basic info about the game and characters laying around somwhere so that`s what made me want to make it.

current problems

well sigh I don`t have any contributers coming yet. I need hint`s to get them to come because so far I`m pulling the load myself and I can`t do it all. I would also like to know how long does it take before a wiki can be viewed in the search results normaly because right now my wiki is kinda hard to find unless you type in Nage Libre Seijaku no Suishin wiki or Nage Libre Wiki but other than that nothing and I think that`s what is slowing it`s growth. Also I need help please with getting the word out about it where are good spot`s to tell people about it at? because it badly need`s contributer`s I don`t want to abandon it after getting so far so please help me if possible please.

bottom line

I`m quite happy to see the wiki slowly growing from what I have done now maybe this game will be known now at first I was shocked to see this did not have a wiki but I want to see it grow soon.. maybe it need`s more time to filter out on the net as it is only a few day`s old. If anyone up here has come across the game or is interested plaese come by and comment,edit or leave a message on my talk page! let`s work toghther to get this game to go from unknown to known!