With regard to the newest obligatory content in the Monaco sidebar (i.e. the Latest activity box):

  • Hoorah! for the demise of the Community box - it's value-add was questionable (just as Kirkburn acknowledges here) and it was never able to be dismissed, just relocated.
  • Suggestions to improve the new Latest activity box
  1. Add an X sprite at top right to allow users to dismiss this box from their side-bar
  2. Label the (more) link My Home i.e. truth in advertising
  3. Allow admins (and users) the easy option to
    • hide the various icons/sprites - they only consume vertical and horizontal screen space which remains a precious commodity
    • hide the page count - what is this pre-occupation with size/count/volume/width/etc.?
    • strip the special formatting of font (i.e. size and emphasis) - the browser's Ctrl+[Mousewheel|0|+|-] zooming of the displayed web page is the ONLY tool a person with failing eyesight needs to learn about to make their browsing less stressful on the eyes
    • display diff and history links - just as can be found at Special:RecentChanges
    • provide a spanner sprite at top right of the new box so that the default filter used for this list can be tweaked - i.e just as is possible via the Recent changes options header block of the Special:RecentChanges page
  4. If the old Community box is ever featured again then please see item 1 above

imho, the only compulsory content in the Monaco sidebar ought to be:

  • wikia logo
  • community logo (at discretion of the wiki community admin)
  • Navbox (default customized by admin but further tailored by each user)
  • Toolbox (default customized by admin but further tailored by each user)
  • Wikia revenue generating areas (I forget what these are as they never display in my filtered browser)

Advertising a new feature should not be done by way of unilaterally forcing it into view. If the virtues of the new feature do not lead to it's uptake by popular demand then for community's sake please let it remain in the obscure corners of the staff blog space.

Let the community create custom default widgets

The Wiki page in Widget feature is potentially very powerful. It has one serious drawback at present. There is no way for a custom widget to be featured by a wiki community's admin while still allowing each user the ability to keep or discard the custom widget.

-- najevi 00:21, November 26, 2009 (UTC)