In no particular priority order:

Delete your own blog post
A user needs to be able to delete their own blog post (the entire thread from original post to last comment) without having to wait for a sysop to intercede.
I tried the &action=delete approach but ... no joy! viz.
  • You do not have permission to do that, for the following reason:
    You are not allowed to execute the action you have requested.
Better access to Special:CreateBlogPage
It is a pain to have to scroll down to the article_footer area to find the pencil sprite for Special:CreateBlogPage. Suppose that when you are already at your personal User_blog:Najevi page the tab title becomes a link such as Write blog ? If you fear there'd be some confusion with the tab label changing then simply make that familiar sprite appear in the tab to serve as a hotlink to the same Special:CreateBlogPage.
is there a direct link to the reader's USer_blog page akin to Special:MyPage ? Th enearest I have figured out is Special:PrefixIndex/User_blog:najevi which has it's merits for people like me but it's not quite what I was looking for.
Preview for comments
this will improve the quality of comments left by users and it will avoid the premature reaction to any inflammatory comment (comments currently need to be posted before they can be reviewed and edited by the author of the comment)
Make the timestamp beside each comment an anchor link
Suppose the timestamp provided a link to the current comment's unique page. Currently the only way to easily get to that page is to tediously search Special:RecentChanges for the comment's time stamp and copy the link from there. (When it is your own comment you have access to the history link right beside the comment.) Having this link handy beside each comment would allow a user responding to another user's comment via such methods as
@najevi - have you tried ...
to be specific about which comment (from among potentially numerous comments) is being referred to. Furthermore it would allow specific portions of the comment to be more easily quoted as part of the response.
Most recent comment at top
ahh ... thank you for this! Now if only my personal setting of this field was remembered each time I view a blog, any blog.

Search announcements

Include the central blog space in forum search results
At so long as Wikia have adopted the policy that Wikia announcements be made via staff blogs rather than via forum topics then those sometimes important announcements risk being missed by users searching for answers at the traditional venue.
More bytes consumed by the avatar than the comment
I am not a fan of eye-candy but I can appreciate that others do enjoy the display of some unique icon against their name. The sad fact remains that every visitor to a blog page downloads user avatars which consume more data bandwidth than the comment (and even the several comments by the one user in many cases!) It's a trivial matter to users whose ISP charges a flat rate for internet connectivity but there are less densely populated countries on the planet where ISP's either charge by the MB/GB or shape your broadband bandwidth after exceeding some arbitrary data down/up-load threshold. You don't need to visit a third world country to experience this ... although some might consider Australia to be at least a 2nd world country!
Date and time of original post
Although every comment bears a time-stamp the original blog post does not (unless the poster signed it like they do/should a forum post). Curious! (case in point is this blog)
Comment count is not updating
At Blog:Wikia_Staff_Blog the number of comments does not seem to update until a new blog is added to the list (or presumably any other edit takes place at Blog:Wikia_Staff_Blog). A small detail that may lead to confusion.

<bloglist> bug #1
Categories are being deleted whenever a blog is opened for edit. This bug was reported fixed in August but it is broken today.
<bloglist> bug #2
Regardless of whether or not the timestamp parameter is set to true or false a timestanp is generated.


At first I thought the following were shortcomings but then I learned of satisfactory workarounds.