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Naomi NakSWAGashima

aka Nepgear Planeptune

  • I live in Wagga Wagga NSW
  • I was born on September 24
  • My occupation is McDonald's
  • I am Female
  • Naomi NakSWAGashima

    Finally moved house! And I finally have my own bedroom! It's not completely full of space, but hey, a room is a room. I decided to spoill my younger sisters with some icecream last night, Fantail flavor for my year 7 sister, Smarty flavor for my year 8 sister. And Mint flavor for me!

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  • Naomi NakSWAGashima

    Grrah!!! Moving house!? My house looks so empty! D: SOOO EMMPPTTYY!!!! The house echo's so much right now, my ears are ringing. Hopefully the New house won't make things too hard to hear, I wonder how thick the walls are?

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  • Naomi NakSWAGashima

    I'm stuck at home!? I'd rather be at school if anything! Oh, well. At least it gives me the change to look for new beats! Bring the music on!

    1:46 PM 13\06\16

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