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    You must return 11 missing objects, lost in time, to their proper times and places.

    1. Enter Time Tangled Island and go down Main Street to Professor Pendulum's Lab (his assistant is crying outside, and inside, but does not provide any real information, nor does the Mission Printout).
    2. Go to the lower level and push in the large plug that powers the Future Machine.
    3. Enter the machine to reach the future. You will meet "yourself" and receive the Time Device, which resembles a gold pocket watch. Each of the 12 hour marks represents a time period, from 328 BC (at 1 o'clock) to 1953 AD (11 o'clock). The Lab position at 12 o'clock returns you to Main Street outside Pendulum's Lab.
    4. Select 328 BC (1 o'clock) and press the left side button. You arrive at theā€¦
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