You must return 11 missing objects, lost in time, to their proper times and places.

  1. Enter Time Tangled Island and go down Main Street to Professor Pendulum's Lab (his assistant is crying outside, and inside, but does not provide any real information, nor does the Mission Printout).
  2. Go to the lower level and push in the large plug that powers the Future Machine.
  3. Enter the machine to reach the future. You will meet "yourself" and receive the Time Device, which resembles a gold pocket watch. Each of the 12 hour marks represents a time period, from 328 BC (at 1 o'clock) to 1953 AD (11 o'clock). The Lab position at 12 o'clock returns you to Main Street outside Pendulum's Lab.
  4. Select 328 BC (1 o'clock) and press the left side button. You arrive at the Greek Treasury building. Go right, past the guards, and climb the winged statue. Jump to the roof to recover the Phonograph. (You can play a recording on it.)
  5. Select 1877 AD (9 o'clock). Arriving at Thomas Edison's home, enter and return the Phonograph. Go outside, to the left, and start the Early Car by pressing the button on back. It drives across, and you can reach the tree. Climb to the roof and find the Aztec Sun Stone piece in the second chimney.
  6. Select 1519 AD (5 o'clock). Make your way past the hostile guards and return the Sun Stone at the first pyramid. Go all the way right to the third pyramid, where the old warrior will give you a Warrior Mask. Wear it and the guards will not attack. The one on the left will give you the Climbing Goggles.
  7. Select 1953 AD (11 o'clock). Climb Mount Everest to find Edmund Hillary and return his goggles. Climb farther up to locate the Statue of Liberty Model.
  8. Select 1882 AD (10 o'clock), in Paris. Go left to the construction building (Gaget, Gauthier, et cie) and give the model to Frederick Bartholdi. Climb the Statue of Liberty to the upper left, and jump left to reach the Notebook on a high ledge.
  9. Select 1516 AD (4 o'clock). Climb the waterfall to the workshop of Leonardo Da Vinci. On the wooden structure, jump on the small movable platform. and then up to the one attached to it. From there you can reach the Workshop. Return Da Vinci's notebook and receive the Glider Wings. Go back to the bridge-like construction, and climb on the small roped platforms again. When you do, a small platform will appear down in the gap in the bridge. Jump down to it, then across to grab the Peace Medal.
  10. Select 1805 AD (8 o'clock). Return the Peace Medal to Lewis and Clark, then climb the large tree. At the top is a beaver, or otter, with a stone bowl on his head. Wait a few seconds when he drops down, then jump to catch him when he pops up.
  11. Select 1593 AD (6 o'clock). At the Great Wall of China, climb up the left side to the roof, then up the rope and jump left, to reach the sentry at far left. Return the Stone Signaling Bowl. Go right and get the barrel of gunpowder at lower right, then up to play a memory game with the old man. If you win, you get the Thor Amulet.
  12. Select 831 AD (2 o'clock). At the Viking Island, return the amulet, then climb to the rock cave. Click on the rocks to use the gunpowder. Enter the cave and reach the bottom before the torch burns out. The proper path is down, up, up, up, across to the right, then down and back to the left, jumping the three puddles at the end. Find the Golden Vase.
  13. Select 328 AD. (1 o'clock). Return the Golden Vase to the guards at the Treasury. The 11 times should now all be green except for 3 o'clock and 7 o'clock : 1387 AD and 1776 AD. These two times have each others' objects.
  14. Select 1776 AD. Jump the porcupines (hedgehogs?) to reach the Graff House where Thomas Jefferson is working. Climb to the roof and find the bag of Salt Rocks.
  15. Select 1387 AD. Climb the building at left to return the salt rocks. Continue past the snakes, and jump the tall rock to reach the Timbuktu Inn. Inside, the document trader wants you to assemble a torn picture (puzzle). When you do, he gives you the Declaration of Independence.
  16. Select 1776 AD again, and return the Declaration. Now the time device is all green and the Lab is flashing. Select Lab and return to the "present".
  17. Enter Pendulum's Lab and push the plug in on the Future machine. Enter the machine.
  18. In the restored future, walk and swim to the right and take the lift tube. Wait for the monorail, then use its exhaust fan to float up to the other monorail. When the second one gets far enough left, jump to the hovering elevator pad and go up to your Sky Home. Your future self will meet you and give you the Island Medallion. Use the Lab setting to return to Main Street again.

Optional : Using the Glider Wings, you can get the Viking Armor at 831 AD. Travel to the Viking time, and climb to the open cave. Put on the Glider Wings. Go right as far as you can, then jump as high as possible, and you can float over to the tall rock where the Viking suit is.

Although it isn't that difficult, you can also use the Glider Wings to get the Peace Medal at Leonardo's time.

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