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Hi, i'm Narwhal Blast


About Me (Narwhal Blast) :

I am a super mega awesome giant fan of most cartoons, and my favorites (in no particular order) are;

Gravity Falls,

Steven Universe,


Star vs. The Forces Of Evil,

Adventure Time,

Regular Show,

Rick And Morty,

Invader Zim,

Hey Arnold,


The Simpsons &

Miraculous Tales Of Ladybug And Cat Noir

i am a Musician, Artist,Crazy Person & Nerd

i am 14 years old (2016)

my fave SVTFOE characters (in order) are;

Marco Diaz-He is just so Adorkable,

Star Butterfly-She is so much like me and is the main character,

Laser Eye Puppies-They are adorable puppies with laser shooting eyes,

Tom-Demons are just Awesome &

Lude-i know he's Evil but he is so tiny and adorable

Random Question: If Star & Tom Had Stayed Together (Forever) What Would Their Kids Look Like?

Random Question's Answer: I Will Draw What I Think They Would Look Like (When I do, I will insert a picture of their family here)

Until Next Time,

~Narwhal Blast

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