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  • Nathan.Wong

    Hi there!  Happy Friday all!

    Today is national Day of Silence which brings attention to anti LGBT name-calling, harrassment, and bullying in schools.  Students from junior high-school to college are taking part in this event today.  Here are a few things about this event.

    GLESN is the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network.  This non-profit oragnization is focused on ensuring safe schools for ALL students.  Established in 1990, GLSEN envisions a world in which every child learns to respect and accept all people, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity/expression. For more information visit

    In order to promote the Day of Silence’s positive impact we need to know how many people participate. Many critics wish to …

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  • Nathan.Wong

    Hello all!

    I am Nathan.Wong a Canadian polyglot who loves new cultures and languages!  I am thinking of starting a blog post series featuring other users cultures and their hometown/country.  This would be a great way for others to experience new parts of our world in a pretty cool way.

    Would you like to be in one of my blogs?  Have feedback regarding this new blog series?  Did I miss something?  Post in the comments or on my wall.

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